Toy Tuesday – Keeping Toddlers Interested in the Toys they Have

We will be dedicating every Tuesday here at Toddler World to something very important in the daily lives of tots – TOYS. From education to amusement to comfort, toys play a huge part in the day of a toddler, and by default, toddler parents.

Toy Tuesday will be filled with toy reviews, toy organization, toy stories, toy everything and anything – all geared to toddlers.

This post by Sweet Peas & Teas is the perfect way to get started! Before diving head first into any toy reviews, this post does a really great job of helping parents keep kids interested in the toys they already have. Which can honestly be quite a challenge. I especially like the idea of Toy “stations” in every room! Also, cleaning up every once in a while. In my experience, my toddler only plays with certain toys when there’s not a bunch of other distractions (i.e. toys) all over!

I learned very quickly that many toys did not keep my child entertained for long and brought unnecessary chaos to my house. The box from the car seat had a longer playtime presence than any toy he has ever received (my husband cut holes in it so that he could put things inside he crawls […]

via 5 Ways to Keep Toys that Entertain Baby — Sweet Peas & Tea


QUESTION: How do you keep your toddler interested in toys they already have? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


Monday Motivation – Toddler Style

Goood Morning Toddler World!

The rest of the world needs a little extra motivation on Mondays…but Toddler World needs even more for obvious reasons! I’ve scoured the internet for a few things to brighten your day today. Hope they do just that.

toddler and puppy

Who’s day wouldn’t be made by toddlers and puppies snuggling. You’ve probably heard of Theo and Beau who blew up the internet not so long ago, but you should definitely go check out the rest of Momma’s Gone City! Jessica Shyba has an amazing blog! You might just get lost for hours there this Monday…

funny mom

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. Mayyybeee even before I was a toddler mom haha. But now there’s a definite excuse. I mean, sweatpants all day if I had a choice. AmIRight?

toddler sleeping

Back to sleeping toddlers and puppies. But this is proof that they really do sleep, sometimes, right? And just, oh-so-cute!

be the mom

On a more serious note, this image really struck home. Every time I get tired or frustrated, or tired and frustrated, I give myself a time out. My little man is so happy and carefree and if the outside world or factors ever start to effect my mood, I give myself about a 2-second mommy time out (all that I have time for). Nothing stressing me out has anything to do with the happy go lucky, smiling, laughing toddler in front of me and I don’t wont him to even sense any tension when he should just be playing with his trains and his mommy. So I take a deep breathe, get that smile back on my face and be the mom I want him to remember. And boy do we have fun. I’ll go one step further than this pic tho. Be the Mom YOU want to remember. It’s Monday, so you have all week to perfect this one 🙂

Happy Monday ~ Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week filled with love, laughter, long naps, restful nights and as little poop and boogers as possible.

When Googling with a Toddler Goes Wrong via Not a Terrible Mother

You guys have to check out Not a Terrible Mother and her latest post. It had me laughing out loud over my nap time coffee this morning. You know the silent LOL so I didn’t ruin my only nap time of the day! Anyways, just a fun reminder to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt.

I have googled a whole lot of things over the course of my life, but never as much as after I had kids. I have found great advice on all sorts of topics, such as: “How long can a baby go without pooping?” “Is my baby pooping too much?” “Why is my baby’s poop the […]

via The Internet Has Lied to Me — Not A Terrible Mother


Question: Has the Internet every lied to you!? Comment below!

Welcome to Toddler World

As new parents, we read all of the baby books. How to care for your newborn, what to expect, how to swaddle, etc. etc… Well they are babies for about 1 day and then we are left with a toddler for the next 4 years! And most likely there has been little preparation.

At this point, who has time for parenting books, reading, or sleep in general?! Toddler parents eat on the run, live on coffee and Google everything:

  • What should my toddler be eating? And how often?
  • What shouldn’t my toddler be eating?
  • Why does my toddler feel the need to lick things when out in public?
  • Is my toddler eating enough?
  • How many peas can fit up my toddlers nose before I get really concerned?
  • My toddler isn’t sleeping.
  • Shouldn’t toddlers need to sleep?
  • Should I be concerned about the GIANT goose egg forming on my toddlers head?
  • How do I get my toddler to stop climbing everything in sight?
  • Is it crazy to just empty my house of everything but pillows?
  • Toilets and toddlers….there’s just not enough time in the day to Google all of these questions.

You get it. I didn’t even have to spell it out for you. Well that’s where Toddler World comes in. There are so many great resources out there for parents and caretakers. But I wanted a place where just toddler people could go to connect, laugh, cry, share. A place where we can either realize we are all sane or actually just a little crazy. Toddler World! (There’s no sleeping here so don’t even try it!)

Question: (not for Google but for Toddler World readers!)

What is one of the funniest questions about your toddler you ever Googled? Don’t worry this is a judgment free zone! Can’t wait to read in the comments below!