Toy Tuesday – Keeping Toddlers Interested in the Toys they Have

We will be dedicating every Tuesday here at Toddler World to something very important in the daily lives of tots – TOYS. From education to amusement to comfort, toys play a huge part in the day of a toddler, and by default, toddler parents.

Toy Tuesday will be filled with toy reviews, toy organization, toy stories, toy everything and anything – all geared to toddlers.

This post by Sweet Peas & Teas is the perfect way to get started! Before diving head first into any toy reviews, this post does a really great job of helping parents keep kids interested in the toys they already have. Which can honestly be quite a challenge. I especially like the idea of Toy “stations” in every room! Also, cleaning up every once in a while. In my experience, my toddler only plays with certain toys when there’s not a bunch of other distractions (i.e. toys) all over!

I learned very quickly that many toys did not keep my child entertained for long and brought unnecessary chaos to my house. The box from the car seat had a longer playtime presence than any toy he has ever received (my husband cut holes in it so that he could put things inside he crawls […]

via 5 Ways to Keep Toys that Entertain Baby — Sweet Peas & Tea


QUESTION: How do you keep your toddler interested in toys they already have? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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